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Take Your Evidence Out of the Bubble

Evichat is a tool for lawyers to collect, review, and redact IM chat evidence from client mobile devices and social media accounts. Evichat also collects authenticated website archives. Start collecting evidence today!

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Do you ever wonder why collection of social media or SMS data is so difficult and expensive? Ya, we wondered that too! We built Evichat to modernize the collection and review of modern data. Whether you’re in the eDiscovery group at a national firm or a boutique litigation firm, Evichat is built for you. Search doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore either. Our Artificial Intelligence enabled search allows you to search your data sets in natural language with intelligent results.

Without Evichat

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With Evichat

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How it Works

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Collect & Review

Evichat collects communications from social media accounts and mobile devices. You can also authenticate and archive web sites.

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Secure eDiscovery

The data is then stored securely where it can be reviewed, redacted, and exported.

Artificial Intelligence helps lawyers do what they do best - lawyering. Evichat allows you to simplify your workflow, reduce client costs, and focus on practicing law!

Partnered With

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