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Evichat makes the collection of Social Media and Mobile based evidence fast, easy, and secure. Designed by lawyers and built by engineers in Toronto, Canada. Evichat will save law firms time and clients money.


Puneet Tiwari

CEO & Co-Founder

An experienced litigator, Puneet personally dealt with frustration of collecting mobile evidence from clients.

Puneet designed Evichat to remove the redundancies in mobile collections for law firms.

Nilesh Pandey

CTO & Co-Founder

Nilesh brings his unique vision and technical skill to Evichat. He has helped lead several early-stage startups to exponentional growth.

Nilesh aims to do the same with Evichat. Nilesh has an engineering degree from the University of Waterloo.


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Dan Katz


Daniel is a technologist, scientist, and law professor, blending education and thought leadership with empirical analyses of law and society. He is an Associate Professor of Law at Illinois Tech – Chicago Kent College of Law, author of the MIT School of Law, and editor for a number of academic and industrial journals.

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Mike Bommarito


Michael founds, builds, operates, consults for, invests in, and advises businesses in legal and financial services, tech, and logistics. His experience spans strategy, technology, business, and operations, ranging from top Am Law firms and $B+ AUM investment firms to idea-stage startups.


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Step 1

Send your client an invitation to send data using the Evichat app.
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Step 2

Your client can then use our mobile app or our web login to securely select and send relevant data or message threads.
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Step 3

You or your team can login to our secure portal to review, archive, organize, or export the relevant data.

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